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What is self-assessment

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The Self-assessment process ensures your development project gets off to a good start.

A constructive approach to self-assessment creates the basis for the successful launch of a development project.

The self-assessment process supports the organisation's need and preparedness for development by mapping out needs quickly, systematically and in a participative manner.

Self-assessment swiftly shows:

  • what should be developed
  • where people agree or disagree and
  • what people are already committed to

The purpose of the assessment is to stimulate learning and change, as well as enthusiasm for development. The aim is to commit the organisation's key people (or the whole staff) to identifying and inspiring improvement needs and opportunities to start development activities.

The goal of the assessment is to identify development needs, which opinions are different, which are the same, and to know what people are already committed to. This is then used as the basis of the development project proper.

The assessment methodology is based on the experience of implementing numerous change management projects and has a theoretical grounding in the principles of motivation.

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